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Our clients have the right to expect high standards. 

We will:

a.   Give accurate assessments of your needs

b.   Evidence fair and transparent working

c.   Make sure our communications are easy to understand and implement

d.   Share knowledge and expertise in regard to the chosen service/s  to benefit your organisation as much as possible

e.   Recommend seamless procedures that will decrease financial outlay and thus increase profitability.

f.   Provide a web site that becomes a useful tool for our clients.

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Garnet Stone Consultancy are committed to provide a professional and personal service to all organisations, large and small to assist them in important but sometimes forgotten business process areas.   We are committed to work with you to:

a.   Develop your processes to maximise their benefit

b.   Ensure the organisation improves in its effectiveness in managing property, land and staff

c.   Improve service provision by the teams and individual staff members embedding the procedures and recommendations which will safeguard residents and visitors

In addition, GSC will recommend actions that will reduce the risk elements involved and make sure that the organisation has the ability to reduce incidents and claims. 

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Garnet Stone Consultancy will work in partnership with you, and focus our energy and resources on achieving what is best for your organisation and those who reside or visit your site.

We aim to achieve a reputation for providing an efficient and effective service to our clients.



"Can I thank you for the courteous and polite manner with which you have treated this department in what is a very frustrating process."
AK Council Dept. Manager