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Why Garnet Stone Consultancy exists

In today’s current economic climate there are so many demands on organisations to reduce costs and staff, meet ever stringent budget requirements, legislation and of course competition. These factors have to be balanced at the same time as maintaining a stable organisation, keeping employees feeling appreciated, providing staff support as they continue to fulfil their responsibilities to their ‘customers’ - in social housing they would be the residents. This is especially true with the specialised provision of (social) housing and accommodation.


It is becoming increasingly obvious that whilst organisations appear to run smoothly, very often there are factors both external and importantly internal that can greatly affect it.


Over time and within different working environments, experience has shown that often processes could be improved which would enhance the many services being provided as well as having a beneficial effect on the Organisation itself.  These changes benefit employees, teams, departments, the financial aspect, services and not forgetting the reputation of the organisation.


What was needed was the provision of a specialised service

GSC have many years experience covering a wide range of job sectors both public and private. We have worked in social housing environments and been responsible for corporate and specific housing insurance and risk as well as handling housing related insurance claims.  Our attention to detail and looking at the specific requirements to successfully defend each claim made us realise that action was necessary in regard to working procedures if they were to  become more effective and efficient.


These changes involving all the service departments from the 'grass roots' level to management were successfully implemented and resulted in staff awareness of housing risks and a dramatic fall in claim settlement figures from tens of thousands of pounds to three thousand pounds.


It has been vital for GSC to be adaptable, have sound reasoning and specific attention to detail. We use our specialist skills to improve efficiency, Best Practice and Value for Money for our clients.  

Adjustments in our personal, work life and the organisation we work in is vital in order to improve. GSC do not accept the saying “If it is not broken, don’t fix it’. Change for improvement is like a refreshment; it tastes different, is more satisfying and consequently more beneficial not just for the organisation but for its valued employees and the reason for its existence – its Residents.


Garnet Stone Consultancy possess the necessary skills and competencies needed to carry out the required services proficiently and will prove to be an asset to any organisation in both the long and short term.


We will endeavour to show you the way to better efficiency, reduced risk and lower financial outlay!



"I worked with 'GSC' for a number of years whilst she was the Insurance (and Risk) Officer at an ALMO.  She has always been passionate about claims prevention and championing a positive risk culture.  She was not satisfied with simply processing claims and was always keen to learn lessons to avoid a reoccurrence.  'GSC' was instrumental in supporting the delivery of claims and risk awareness training for all front line staff.  This involved helping staff understand the importance of their roles, and their actions, in the claims and risk management process.  She has always acted with great integrity, attention to detail, and a desire to make things happen."

Steve Hayward, Cert CII, IRMCert, Risk & Insurance Consultant, Zurich Municipal.